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Rose River Memorial at Bergamot Station

December 2020 
The roses were made by the local community including school kids, girl scouts, Kiwanis, and senior citizens as well as family members who have sadly lost loved ones to Covid.

Initially, the Westside installation had been on display in the main gallery of Building Bridges Art Exchange since December 2020, offering visitors and the community an opportunity to grieve by making roses as well as contemplating a wall of roses while listening to music by celebrated Los Angeles based composer Yuval Ron and taking solace in a meditative induction created by Rose River Memorial by artist Marcos Lutyens. The installation included the scent of Roses created by the Institute for Art and Olfaction.

The final installation has been placed outdoors at the Bergamot Station Arts Center Parking lot since March 25th, the unveiling was honored with the presence of Shannon Daut, Manager of The Cultural Affairs Division of the City of Santa Monica, Rose River Memorial’s orchestrator, Marcos Lutyens, Building Bridges Art Exchange’s Director, Marisa Caichiolo and the rest of the participant partners Galleries.


Thanks also to the Kiwanis for their huge support of the project as well as Burbank Tournament of Roses and Robin Hanna in particular, the installation will be on display for a few more weeks.

Thanks to the Kiwanis and Burbank Tournament of Roses for their help and support.

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